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Ordered sites for my duty rig which stated they were in stock. Now...four weeks later, I get an email saying they are on backorder. There customer service recording SOUNDS terrific but is garbage after pressing many numbered selections and getting NOBODY to answer. Garbage company in my opinion. Add comment

Placed an order on February 1st for an AR Maglula and a Magpul BAD lever. My order still has not been processed even though staff promised it would be on Monday. It takes multiple days to get a response from staff and it's usually well if it's not shipped by tomorrow contact us again. DO NOT DO BUSINESS HERE THEY ARE A JOKE! Add comment

I previously purchased a Kley-Zion AR15 Ambi Charging Handle from Botach. Botach and Kley-Zion are joined at the hip businesses. The 2nd time I used the charging handle at a police qualification range (within 6 months of purchase) the roll pin fell out and one of the handles and a spring was lost. This was due to shoddy assembly. Key-Zion used roll pins that were too small and they fell out, they... Read more

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Purchased ammo online. Debited my account. After 5 days received email that: Thank you for your recent order. We are writing to inform you there was a programming error on our website which resulted in the sale of the item purchased having an incorrect price. Unfortunately, we are not able to process this order and if still interested you may place a new order now that the issue has been... Read more

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do not order from these folks! Over a week and order has not shipped and can not reach anyone with the automated recordings! Talked to sales and they not sure what is going on. Very poor customer service. Lesson learned!!!! Add comment

Hopefully this order won't turn up in the "recycled" bin. Placed an order for Colt 1911. I had my FFL send his certificate which he did the day after the sales transaction (they immediately charged my credit card). They did send me sale invoice the same day as transaction. I sent them 2 follow up emails asking how long it takes to process order. Several days later I get email saying I need to... Read more

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Was told the gun was shipped, when it hadn't, was told I would get a tracking number, I never did, was told they needed to verify the FFL dealer and it would take 72 business hours, really what a joke. Was told I would get a tracking number by a certain date, that came and went, called to cancel the order and got a receipt but no authorization code. Finally I called my credit card company to file... Read more

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this business is the most unprofessional unskilled untrained company .I think I was talking with individuals with minds of children. I received confirmation via E-mail, two each confirming transaction complete, that was October 8 2015 it now the 29th. Called surefire they never heard of this company. surefire asked for all copies I E-mailed both copies, haven't heard a word text, E-mail man your... Read more

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I place an order on the 8th and they still haven't shipped out my shotgun a month later. I've been lied to so many times and I've called sales and customer service 5x. They've taken 6 to 8 days off for some weird Jewish holidays that I've never heard of. I paid immediately with Paypal and then I'm sent an email saying that they can't take paypal even though they have it as an option on their... Read more

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I ordered a pair of boots from them via amazon. I tried to cancel my order within an hour of making it and it took them 4 days to get back to me. Instead of canceling the order they told me it was too late, that the order was shipped the previous day even though I requested the cancellation 3 days prior to shipping. I was told that I would have to ship it back once it arrived. This means that I... Read more

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