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I really wish that I had read a review about this company before I had ever ordered from them... If I did I would have seen that last sentence a hundred times I am sure.

Well here is the story. I found a Camelbak Tri-Zip for a really great price on their website. So I went ahead and ordered it with the expensive 2nd day air, because I needed it within 4 days, so I though that would be a smart bet for it to arrive on time.

Well I get the confirmation email sent quickly with my order number, tracking, a phone number, etc. So everything looks set, nothing is back ordered and it seemed to have processed rather quickly.

Well 3 days go by nothing in the mail yet. I am really busy in my daily life so I think nothing of it. 4 days go by no package. So I get frustrated and decide to check my tracking number maybe I wasn't home when UPS tried delivering it. Nope the tracking number is not in their system. So I call botach, no answer not even a voice mail....

I call them a couple of hours later and get a woman on the phone. She didn't say her name, and was just lost in the sauce. I gave her my order number and asked her what the basic, where is my order why hasn't it shipped yet, are you out of stock. She puts me on hold then a couple of minutes later tells me that her supervisor will have to call me back, and tried hanging up. I yell no stay on the phone, what the *** is up with my order? She stutters and tells me that my zip code is wrong.... I look at my order confirmation and tell her that it shows that my zip code is correct. I've lived at my residence for 15 years.... I ask her what the zip says on her computer and she tells me the right zip. Then she asks well I have to get my supervisor to call you. I say well do you have my number, no. I give her my number and she promptly hangs up. Wow I'm getting pissed at this point... Well it's been one week and I have not been able to get in contact with them... When ever I can reach a voice mail, which has only been 2 out of 20 times I leave a nice polite professional message, yet I haven't received a call back.

My question is, Why would anyone order from the company after having read the countless negative reviews?

Semper Fi

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This place is absolutely notorious for being ***. So many reveiws just bashing them (for very good reason). Will be estatic the day I hear they went out of business or finally got hit with fees for screwing people over.

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Wow! I thought I was the only one with a bad experience with Botach.

They have the worst customer service I have seen. If you can call it that. About three weeks ago I ordered some .223 ammo that was on sale with a coupon. That same night I get a response from them stating that they need a copy of my license and full credit card number, because the shipping address and billing address were not the same.

I immediately sent out a copy of my license and a message stating the reason for the two different addresses, and that I would call the following day. I must have called for three days and sent emails and got no response. I finally tried another email and was called the following day. "Surprise!" I explained to the lady the situation and she told all was good.

Well another week and a half go by and no ammo. I try a different email and get an off the wall response telling me that my order has been cancelled because of new restrictions about shipping ammo to California. I immediately call a couple of dealers and they tell me there are no restrictions until 2018. I sent out a request for the supposed restriction.

Never got anything back.

Don't order anything from them. All you will get are headaches.



I finally received my order, but I had emailed you and one other representative after having seen your posts on similar reviews. I never received any communication from Botach.


My name is Dan, and I am a rep at Botach Tactical.

I am sorry to hear your order did not go well. I would like to help you right away.

Please send me an email to

I give you a 100% guarantee I will reply within 24 hours and help you resolve any issue



Well I just received my order after nearly two months. I cancelled the order twice just to make sure, but nope I still get it in the mail and they charged me $30 shipping on a pack.

I would call and complain, but after all of that mess and not being able to get in contact with them for weeks; I'll just keep it and take the hit.

Thanks Botach for a horrible experience.


I had a very similar experience. Got the order confirmation and then a phony UPS tracking number.

After as few weeks tried emailing, calling, left voicemails, etc with no response. Finally got someone on the live help to find out that one item was backordered. OK, they agreed to substitute the bo'd item with an in-stock model. Another 2 weeks go by with no response.

I finally get someone on the live help and cancel my order. They promise my credit card will be refunded. Guess what? Still no refund!

Now I have to call my CC company.

These guys are either totally incompetent or simply just thieves. Run, don't walk from Botach Tactical

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