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I found a reference to botach tactical on a firearms forum that I frequent, and it listed a great deal on a vertical foregrip with built-in laser and led light.After navigating to the site and going through a routine checkout process, I received a confirmation email with a link to check the status of my order.

After a week went by with no further updates, I checked the status of my order and discovered that it was "pending review". I emailed the botach service account for information and was told that the unit I had requested was on backorder and would not ship for 1-2 weeks. At this point I looked up reviews for the site (which I wish I had done before placing an order - lesson learned)and decided to cancel the order. I replied via email that I would like my order cancelled, and within a day received a reply that it had been cancelled and any pending authorizations with my bank would be released.

After what I've read in reviews, I'm still keeping a close eye on my bank account online, but I seem to have escaped with nothing lost but my time.

I'm annoyed that they list items on their site that are not in stock since it is quite deceptive.I will not be attempting any more business with this site and recommend others to do the same.


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