Bought 2 pair of boots from them, warranty claims on the boots have to go back throught the vendor (Botach). Took over a year to get a response from Botach and then I was informed they would not help me. Worst company I've ever dealt with, will never buy another thing from them.

Botach did not make the boots but their agreement with the company that did requires Botach to take the boots back for warranty claims. Botach refused to follow thrugh with the agreement and has screwed yet another customer.

Dan gets on these forums all the time promising to help woth complaints and problems but his strings are pulled by the morons at the top who are the ones screwing hard working people out of their money.

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Well looks like i fell for it too, shoulda read the reviews. Now I have $500 tied up with botach that I can't use for the last week and probably the next month.

I have made over 6 phone calls including E-Mails to these so called "Sales Reps" who post on here saying they will help us, but mysteriously they leave no phone numbers only emails, which they dont respond to, and nobody picks up the phone, even on the government line. I have requested a refund but no money back yet after 5 days. I already informed my bank and I am giving Botach about 2 more weeks and then taking action on having my bank take my money back.

I did get one person on the phone and she was very nice but still nothing got done at all. I am still with no product and out $500 so being nice only goes so far.



Please contact me issue will be cleared with free shipping and 50% reimbursement. List order# and name


Dont worry you'll have problems


:)PS, If I don't have a problen with my order I will gladly state so on this forum.



:sigh, I have just read this article and now I'm worried about a order I placed recently. I did not get a conformation # or a UPS shipping #.

I am still waiting on my shippment and hope I don't have the problems you other guys had. I hope this is not a ripoff, because some of us live on disability, If you do to, you no what I'm talking about.

In other words I have no money to waste. Anyway hope everyone gets matters straightend out.

Ed, (Army-DAV)

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