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This company is just asking for a Fraud case in small claims court.

I ordered 7 Hecker & Koch steel M4 magazines while I was deployed in Iraq, however I returned before I could receive them. They were returned from theater back to Botach in November, but they never contacted me to tell me so. I had to contact them to inquire about the status of my package, and they admitted to having the magazines, apologized, and offered either a full refund or the magazines.

I opted to have the magazines reshipped to my billing address in the states, which I provided in two separate emails, only to have them reship the magazines back to Iraq.

After a month of more waiting, I emailed them again to inquire about the status of my magazines, only to have them offer the explanation that the Army, whom I'm currently commissioned with, seized the package. They offered no compensation for their error, and said that if I wanted the magazines, I'd have to buy them again.

It's been more than a month now, and even after contacting the BBB and filing a complaint, Botach still won't return my money, or replace the magazines they lost.

This is the worst company that I've ever dealt with, both in customer service and professionalism, and they will never see one cent of my money, or that of any soldier that will come under my command again.

I've taken steps after my complaint to the BBB got me no where. I've written both of my congressmen in an effort to get their GSA status revoked, and I've contacted the Court Clerk in their area in order to begin the filing status in small claims court. I feel that in America, if something or someone's service sucks, you should be able to get your money back. I will not stop until I have what's rightfully mine.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Thanks for the heads up . I almost placed an order for some M&P mags.

I was wondering how official S&W mags are half the price of the mags listed on the Official S&W site.

Hey Botach dont screw with the Troops

America hates that .


I was just about to place a large ($3000.00 worth) order from Botac. While I was looking for their phone number and came across all these complaints. All I can say is THANK EACH ONE OF YOU for writing and I wish you all the best.


This company is very unorganized and unwilling to handle there issues head on. I purchased a pair of boots from Botach tactical's online site.

They were shipped and showed up to my home in a reasonable time. That was not the problem. The problem began when the boots I bought turned out to be a defective product. I contacted botach's customer service department which is totally unorganized and don't due much when it comes to serving the customer's.

Anyways, I had to make multiple attempts during business hours just to talk to a machine and leave a message asking to call me back. This never happened after about a month I finally talked to a real person WOW. After going back in forth with the reps they finally gave me the info to return the product to them. But WAIT guess who had to pay for shipping!!!!!!

Ya it was MEEE. So I had to pay for shipping twice. Once I shipped the products I never heard any word or notice that they had received the boots. Well since they didn't call guess who was chasing these clowns down, I was once again.

Well after talking to someone they said that they were sending my info to the refund office. The lady stated that once it reached the office that it would take 2 weeks for my refund to show up in my account. Well the 2 weeks past and guess what no refund, AMAZING. I am still to this day trying to get this issue resolved I am on month 3.

I am letting you all know that I will never do business with this company again and I urge all of you to do the same. Furthermore I am going to contact the California Attorney General and file a complaint.


This company hands down gave me the WORST customer service I had ever had. I was told items were shipping, a week later I call them to find some aren't in stock.

I then tell them to change the item not in stock and ship 3day. A week later I call again to find they only had one of the four items I wanted in stock! They are extremely unhelpful at best, and might not be competent to run a business. I left over 6 voicemails and many more e mails with ZERO return calls.

Botach's lack of service is unmatched and I hope others avoid the total waste of time I encountered.

This just hcame to an end July 8, 2010--this is obviously a company not making improvments. I wish I read this before dealing with them!


Thanks for your comment - I will NOT buy from them.


Absolutely agree, Botach is a waste of time. I placed a small order 3 weeks ago for two items the were "in stock".

After four unanswered emails and three unanswered phone calls trying to get a status on my order, I finally asked my order be canceled.

Today, I finally received an email reply telling me my order was indeed canceled, no explanation for non-shipment or explanation for the previous unanswered notes or calls. I too am contacting GSA, BBB, FTC, and anyone else that will listen to warn them that these people are a fraud.



I am a rep from Botach Tactical and I have read through your complaint.

I would like to be able to help you with this matter as we are committed to rectifying any mistakes made.

please email me

If you can let me know your order number, who you spoke to and when It would be much appreciated.

I hope we can resolve this issue.

Kind Regards


Botach Tactical


Well i bought from botach about a

year ago, and customer service is horrible, i spent $900 on equipment that the LAPD was too under funded to pay for, and it never came. Truly worst company ever, i cant believe they sell firearms with the lack of attention to their products, I can imagine some FIREARMS getting shipped to some kids house if Botach keeps up their horrible customer service.

I got the refund, but $400 short due to some restocking fee ***. Absolutely horrible.

West Melbourne, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #14733

This company *** ***. I ordered about $150 worth of gear from them and 2 weeks later when the stuff shows up at my house only 1/2 of it is there.

Seriously????? I tried to call, email, send smoke signals to find out if and when the gear was answer. I don't have the time to *** play around with these fucktards as I am deploying back into the AOR. I am really pissed about having to waste my time to reorder gear i need in country.

Save yourself the headaches and go some place else to buy your gear. The prices are tempting, but you will be lucky to get 1/2 of what you order.

Save yourself the headaches and go through Grey Group Training, Tactical Response, Crye, or another similar company for your gear. The customer service is far better when you deal with real operators and not some pouges who are out to play "dress-up" in an effort to get your cash.

Taipei, Tai-Wan, Taiwan, Province Of China #12226

They are a real lousy company. Their sister company AEY,INC (all the same as far as I am concerned) has gotten in big trouble with the GAO for selling out of date ammo to Afghanistan.

I have to threaten to use my connections with the DOD every time I have ordered. It has finally come to the point that no matter how great the deals seem, it is just not owrth it!!

Ever hear "if it looks to good to be true it probably is"? Need I say more?

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