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Nearly the same thing happened to me on 9 February with a little kinder twist although the same negative results. It's a shame the first order was the death knell for future dealings with them.

I ordered items on 4 February 2011, they put a hold on the funds on my cc immediately, one, two, three, four, five...days later. Still no update online nor did I receive an email stating there was a delay or it was in process. I called, no call back, emailed, no email back so I chatted online and told them to cancel they asked why and I told them I wasn't comfortable with the process so far and that I was hoping to get it by this weekend for a match. They've just experienced the first and the last order from me.

Sad though...I spoke with them at the shot show and they seemed pretty eager to get my business.

Since I also order for several other individuals they've potentially lost a couple of grand in business this year. Oh well...Midway USA here I come!

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