I ordered an accessory rail for my shotgun magazine tube from Botach Tactical on a Wednesday. That same day, I ordered the flashlight and fastener I was going to attach to the rail.

Both orders came from California. By the time my flashlight arrived on Saturday, my accessory rail order from Botach still had not been processed. I called Botach on Monday and asked about the status of my order and a woman promised to call me back with that information. She called me the next day and said the product would be delivered the next Monday.

When the rail did arrive, it was the wrong one.

Fortunately, it was a better and more expensive rail and I was charged for the original.

To make a long story short (too late!), if you can get the product elsewhere, do it. It will more-than-likely get to you faster and be the original product you ordered.

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My name is Dan, I am a rep at Botach Tactical

I am posting here to let everyone know that I am eager and willing to help any current or potential customer.

Please direct all questions concerning pending orders, past orders, inventory check, etc



Please contact me "brendan @ botachtactical.net"

issues are going to be resolved with a tremendous discount for your time.


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