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I thought I'd done business with them before, so this behavior is baffling...

But reading these reviews, it looks like my experience is typical. After two weeks, the order has not been filled (at least my credit card has not been charged). Botach does not respond to email, and any phone call to them results in a permanent hold.

The order includes one big-ticket item that they offer at a very good price. I had been considering an order, and finally placed it after receiving their email with a "10% off any order" offer.

And they keep sending me emails about their special deals. Sure...

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I am a rep from Botach Tactical and I have read through your complaint.

I would like to be able to help you with this matter as we are committed to rectifying any mistakes made.

please email me brendan@botachtactical.net

If you can let me know your order number, who you spoke to and when It would be much appreciated.

I hope we can resolve this issue.

Kind Regards


Botach Tactical

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