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Save yourself a lot of grief and buy your gear from another company. I am a LEO and have bought gear from just about everywhere online.

In all my years, I have never experienced what I experienced at Botach. I am not sure how this company remains in business. First...at order, everything is in stock. I placed the order and received no confirmation email or anything.

That's okay...I'm patient...lets give them a day or two. Still, NOTHING...although I see a hold charge on my credit card. After 4 days...I follow-up to get an order confirmation and hopefully a tracking number. I tried almost 20 times by phone but kept getting sent to voicemail...even on the sales line!

What king of company operates with a message based sales line! I sent 2 emails...at the same time...with no responses. After 3 days of trying, I finally get through. Was told 2 of the 7 items I ordered where back ordered.

WTF? I thought everything was in stock. Absolutely no movement on my order because of the two items. Asked them....Well, can you at least send what's in stock?

Oh sure sir...we didn't think of that. Here is your tracking number. I get excited and credit card charge goes through...and when the package arrived...I GOT A PAIR OF GLOVES. I sent more emails...chat messages...and tried calling to no avail.

No call backs, no response emails, no nothing... Called Discover, disputed the charge, and sent several emails to Botach CANCELING THE ORDER. I don't mind waiting for an order.. but at least keep me in the loop and follow through on your promises.

They can bill me $19.99 for the Mechanix gloves...and I'll be as responsive to their bill as they were with me.

Except I'll follow through and pay for the gloves.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $199.

Preferred solution: Cancel my order...#91856455.

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I'M sick of those BOGUS *** bags! How can we put them out of


check with me at jrowen27@hotmail.com and lets talk about mail fraud.

I'm WAITING!!!!!!!

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