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Made a large purchase 12 business days ago. Still no word on shipping.

They are a drop ship company and not to be trusted. They will take your money and run. When you try to call you will get an answering machine, no matter if you call every one of their numbers. If you send an email, you will not receive a reply.

If you utilize their online chat, you will get a continuos message which states, "All operators are currently assisting others.

Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly." Worst company I've dealt with..

Monetary Loss: $80.

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I've ordered from Botach 5 times and have received my items each time. I'd order from them again.


Mike you sound like a real a hole. You and the rest of your butt money crew can suck on one and choke on it and die.!!!

Dont ever give this company your money. You should make them pay you interest as long as they hold on to it.

wonder why no one answers emails or pick up the phones? they too busy ripping people off!


Yes it does seem strange an employee would be on this forum.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #180099

Umm, OK. So, I am not a part of this dog fight here.

HOWEVER.... WOW! Mike at whatever loser company you work for, YOU are VERY RUDE, CONDENSENDING, APATHETIC, and, frankly I CAN see why "B" aka "BESTEWART" HAD felt the need to come here and voice themselves. It's rather funny that YOU state you hadn't received ANY of their emails/messages UNTIL YOU came here on the board.

Which, to me is a load of ***! I don't think it's your daily "job" to troll consumer message/complaint- boards/forums. So, you MUST HAVE received SOME THING of this persons in order to come here and then chatise THEM for coming here and stating their "beef". I would "suggest" YOU stay OFF the "boards" and any other website that catches your attention and strikes your fancy to where the person who is ACTUALLY WAITING for assistance isn't sitting and wondering WHY they're being told the "Operator is busy".

Yeah, I can see WHY the operator is busy. LOL IF you people, at these companies, spent more time WORKING then trolling sites your OWN purposes, then things might get done, people might not be leaving SO MANY MESSAGES for assistance, and you would ACTUALLY EARN YOUR PAY! As I see it, YOU don't sound like your good at your job, nor care about it. So, why don't you step aside and allow someone who ACTUALLY WOULD APPRECIATE BEING EMPLOYED, the opportunity?

Instead of you being a coniving little, lazy, smartass. It was SO OBVIOUS that you wanted to take the "disucssion" elsewhere so that you may try and HIDE what problems and ills your cmpnay is doing ot people. And, of course, you wanted to say that, so that "B" may TRY and have that interaction. UYet, would most likely end up getting yet another "busy" signal and thus run around.

It's REEEEEALLY getting old that so many companies disrespect, don't care about the customer/consumer, AND... that they are making cheaper stufff since they're OUTSOURCING those jobs. Yet, leave behind the employees that hate their jobs and don't care one bit about the consumer. Bravo for having proven that to me with your nasty messages to "B".

Good luck in YOUR future endeavors at the unemployment office.

As for "B".... PLEASE do NOT ZEVER use that company again! They are so very wrong to the people that pay their bills.

And, thanks for showing me HOWB horrible that company TRULY IS!

Good luck. =) :) :(


Yes, I have finally, for the first time, received your email and am taking care of it. Your very 'large purchase' of one item is being taken care of. Mind continuing our dialogue off the board?


Ha! It's taken 12 business days since my order to actually get a real rep from the company.

Fantastic! After two email, multiple phone calls & it finally comes down to this.


Bestewart -

We don't take money and run, so let's cut the dramatics. Since you're on this board, I assume you've seen my post about contacting me if you can't get an answer from anyone else. There is 0% chance that you called me, left me a voicemail, OR emailed me, so please don't make it seem like you're calling an empty building.

I want nothing more than to make sure you're order is taken care of, so please email me at 'ATTN: MIKE" and include your order number. That is how your order will be fixed. Posting on here is not.


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